CompTIA Project+ For Exam PK0-003


CompTIA Project+ certification training validates knowledge of project management principles. The project management profession is growing rapidly and with that comes increase competitiveness in job market.

Project+ certification sets you apart from other applicants as it demonstrates skills beyond just technical knowledge. It validates your skills to lead and build relationships, complete projects on time, and within budge


48 hours


Project+ training at Robusta teaches the student to:

  • Identify the fundamentals of project management
  • Perform the pre-project setup
  • Initiate a project
  • Plan project strategies
  • Develop project schedules
  • Plan project staffing, communications, and quality
  • Plan project risk management
  • Plan project costs
  • Plan project costs
  • Plan for change management and transitions
  • Manage project execution
  • Manage project procurement
  • Monitor project performance
  • Monitor and control project constraints
  • Monitor project risks and procurements
  • Perform project closure

Although not required, it is recommended that candidates have a minimum of one year of experience managing, directing or participating in small- to medium-scale projects.

Course outlines:
1.      Pre-project Setup/Initiating
  • Explain the requirements to complete a pre-project setup
  • Identify the characteristics of a project.
  • Summarize the steps required to validate a project.
  • Explain the components of a project charter.
  • Outline the process groups of the project life cycle.
  • Explain the different types of organizational structures.

2.      Project Planning

  • Prepare a project scope document based on an approved project charter.
  • Use a work breakdown structure (WBS) and WBS dictionary to organize project planning.
  • Outline a process for managing changes to the project.
  • Develop a project schedule based on WBS, project scope and resource requirements.
  • Given a desired deliverable, apply the appropriate tool and/or method to produce the appropriate outcome.
  • Given a scenario, interpret the results of using the following tools and/or methods.
  • Identify components of an internal/external communication plan.
  • Outline the components of a risk management plan
  • Identify roles and resource requirements based on WBS and resource availability.
  • Identify components of a quality management plan.
  • Identify components of a cost management plan.
  • Explain the procurement process in a given situation
  • Explain the purpose and common components of a transition plan.

3.      Project Execution and Delivery

  • Coordinate human resources to maximize performance.
  • Explain the importance of a project kick-off meeting and outline the common activities performed during this meeting.
  • Recognize the purpose and influence of organizational governance on a project’s execution.
  • Given a scenario, select which component(s) of a project plan is affected and select what action(s) should be taken.

4.      Change Control and Communication

  • Given a scenario, implement proper change management procedures.
  • Evaluate the impact of potential changes to triple constraint.
  • Using the risk management plan, determine an appropriate response to potential risk/opportunity events.
  • Given a scenario, execute appropriate resource leveling techniques.
  • Explain the appropriate steps to ensure quality of project deliverables.
  • Identify potential tools to use when a project deliverable is out of specification as defined in the quality baseline.
  • Given a scenario, calculate and interpret the results of earned value measurement (EVM).
  • Given a scenario, manage and implement information distribution based on a communications plan.
  • Recognize the special communication needs of remote and/or indirect project team members.

5.      Project Closure

  • Explain the importance and benefits of formal project closure
  • Identify circumstances in which project/phase closure might occur and identify steps to take when closure occurs.
  • Identify the components and purpose of closing documentation.
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