RSA Cyber Defence Workshop


In this workshop, participants are immersed in a simulated CIRC environment where they assume different roles and manage the security events that take place over the program of a three-day scenario. Day-to-day security incidents will occur alongside potentially catastrophic activity related to the advanced tactics of determined and persistent adversaries. Each member of the CIRC Team will have to utilize skills and tools in order to detect, contain and eradicate the threat as well as document the incidents for executive review. There is virtually no lecture associated with this workshop; participants learn by doing. This is the perfect opportunity for members of security teams to sharpen their skills related to the newest attacks in a controlled environment assisted by experts. The Workshop provides valuable insights for determining the specific skillsets and tools that an organization needs in order to mitigate these most advanced types of attacks against corporate assets.


03 days (24 hours)

Course Objectives

Because this workshop will be completely scenario based, a formal program outline is not applicable.

Throughout this workshop, participants will engage in:

  • 1Malware Analysis
  • Network Analysis
  • Network Forensics
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Incident Triage
  • Executive Presentation
  • Security Operations
  • Team Management
  • Legal, Regulations & Investigations
  • Open Source & Commercial Tools
Who should attend

Security analysts, computer forensic investigators, incident responders who have had exposure to malware analysis and want to know more about the tools and techniques associated with gathering and responding to actionable intelligence while acting as a member of a critical incident response team.

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