CompTIA Train The Trainer + (CTT+)


Topics covered include:

  • Planning and preparation
  • Exploring delivery methods and media
  • Credibility and communications
  • Group facilitation
  • Evaluating a training event

48 hours


In the CompTIA CTT+ course, students will learn how to plan and prepare to teach a course, and how to select and implement various delivery methods. It covers how to demonstrate professional conduct and content expertise, how to use communication and presentation skills to facilitate learning, and how to establish and maintain a learner-centered environment.

Students will also learn techniques for evaluating learner performance throughout an event and techniques for evaluating their training performance and delivery of a course


None, but 6 to 12 months of trainer/instructor experience is recommended.

Course outlines:

1.      Planning Prior to the Course

  • Review learning objectives and match them to learner and organizational needs.
  • Create an environment conducive to learning.

2.      Methods and Media for Instructional Delivery

  • Select and implement delivery methods.
  • Use instructional media

3.      Instructor Credibility and Communications

  • Demonstrate professional conduct and content expertise.
  • Use communication and presentation skills to facilitate learning

4.      Group Facilitation

  • Establish and maintain a learner-centered environment.
  • Use a variety of question types and techniques.
  • Address learner needs for additional explanation and encouragement.
  • Motivate and reinforce learners.

5.      Evaluate the Training Event

  • Evaluate learner performance throughout the training event.
  • Evaluate trainer performance and delivery of course.
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